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Written by Kash Patel

The Plot Against the King: Part 2: 2,000 Mules

The Plot Against the King: Part 2: 2,000 Mules

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“This book should be in every school in the country.”
- Donald J. Trump

Kash Patel tells the fantastical story of how two inquisitive minds, Dinesh and Debbie, search for the truth and uncover evidence of a terrible scheme to elect Sleepy Joe instead of King Donald on Choosing Day. Included in the book is a special message from Dinesh D'Souza.

Come join Dinesh and Debbie as they try to answer some troubling questions:

- Why did the counting stop in the middle of the night?
- Why were there more votes than people in the Kingdom?
- What is up with all the glowing poo?

Made in Texas, USA
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